Elements of the game

  • 220 cards:
    • 196 game cards
      • 134 information cards
      • 62 action cards
    • 16 chapter opening cards
    • 8 additional cards
  • 56 marking disks
  • rulebook

How to order

If you are interested in the game and would like to order it, this is the right place for you!

Order more, pay less!
1-4 games 20 € per pc.
5-9 games 18 € per pc.
10-24 games 16 € per pc.
25-49 games 14 € per pc.
50-99 games 13 € per pc.
100 pieces or more 12 € per pc.

The above prices do not include transportation costs.
Transportation costs also depend on the quantity:
1-6 games: 17.5 €
7-10 games: 19.1 €
11-20 games: 19.8 €
21-30 games: 20.5 €
31-40 games: 21.6 €
41-50 games: 22.7 €
51-60 games: 23.8 €
For orders more than 60 pieces we give special price.

Transportation prices may change depending on fuel prices.
These prices are valid only in case of UK orders.

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Bence Domonkos, the game expert of the team; Graphics Designer.

The current game project is far not his first one but as for its symbolic importance perhaps the largest scaled. In 2009 he debuted in front of the professional audience with his strategic game Tutela and won first prize at the board game contest organized by Mensa HungarIQa. His diploma work at Moholy-Nagy University of Art, Designer Faculty in 2011, the Navigare has not been in series production yet. Since then Doma has been working for the largest board game publisher in Hungary as graphics designer, besides being the proud father of their three children, Marci, Anna and Abel.

Bencéné Horváth Noémi, the pedagogue in the team; religious teacher.

Her fifteen years youth educational experience bears good results in the practical concept of Luther – The board game. Since her secondary school years she has regularly taken part in organizing and leading events and camps for children, mainly in church settings. Her commitment to teaching led her to the Evangelical-Lutheran Theological University where she took a joint ELTE course and graduated as religious teacher in 2012. The theme of her theses was: “Vital questions of 14-18 year olds”. After graduation Noemi worked as religious teacher of the Lutheran Congregation of Budavar. Besides assisting the creation of this game, now she fulfils her educationalist ambitions as a mother of three.

Bence Áron, the illustrator and theologian of the team; pastor, historian.

The fortunate encounter of his childhood and still practiced hobby and the area of his expertise resulted in the illustrations, which greatly inspired the project’s image. There is good chance that we come across his typical drawings in Lutheran publications for the youth as well. Luther – The card game is Aron’s first project where he is present as a church historian expert through his carefully considered illustrations. He graduated from ELTE History and Finnish Faculty in 2012 and from the Evangelical-Lutheran Theological University in 2015. At present he works as a pastor and studies at ELTE Economic and Social History Doctoral School as a candidate for Ph.D. His field of research is the cultural diversity in the 16th century Europe.

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